Technical Protection

Video surveillance
Anty-burglary systems
Fire detection and gas detection
Armouring service and satellite tracking
Access control


video surveillance

Development of computer technology has greatly influenced to development and features of video surveillance so that the video surveillance technology has become more available and cheaper. Selection of components and their configuration and installation, depends primarily on the level of endangering. In accordance with the requirements, staff of technical protection make design and installation of the system. This applies to the private individuals, as well as on large systems where we if necessary assigned our staff or we perform training of their employees for 24 hour video surveillance of facilities (industrial plants, shopping malls, public areas, casinos, etc.).


anty-burglary systems

To increase security, we use various means of protection. One of those is alarm system that multiple reduces the possibility of burglary or attack. Visible signs of the built-in alarm system (external alarm siren, notification of an alarm system on the front door, etc.) significantly reduces the probability of burglary. If burglary anyway occurs we refer emergency team to the place and inform the appropriate authorities and owners of the harmful event. Anty-burglar systems offer the possibility of complete protection of protected facility, timely report about burglary within the protected object and forwarding the information to authorized persons and to our Central Monitoring System. For the anty-burglary systems that we installed, we provide warranty and service during warranty period and beyond. We offer you a wide range of systems: analog and digital central devices, sensors sensitive to motion, heat, sound, glass breakage, ... and combinations of these components for reliable detection of movement.

fire detection and gas detection

Fire detection and gas detection systems are extremely important element of the physical protection and all forms of property. Timely detection of fire, preventing the huge financial losses and reduce the possibility of incidents of people. High reliability in all conditions, from industrial to residential facilities and proper and regular maintenance and service are the basic requirement for full functionality of fire detection and gas detection systems. Fire detection and gas detection systems reliably detect fire or gas leak at an early stage and informed the competent authorities and our crew on duty at the Central Monitoring System. We use the latest products for early fire detection, such as smoke detectors, thermodynamic and optical detectors combined in a system with quality fire switchboard.


armouring service and satellite tracking

GPS stands for Global Positioning System. It is a network of satellites that continuously transmits the coded information, using them we can precisely determine the position on the Earth. Information obtained from satellites are processed to determine the position of the vehicle. The system primarily serves to protect vehicles from theft and it is the most effective way to protect vehicle today. Center for locating and tracking vehicles has got the latest equipment and computer programs that provide to determine location of your vehicle 24 hours a day.


access control

Selecting equipment is based on a systematic analysis and we are ready to integrate the systems of all levels, from basic to most complex identification procedures. Passage control systems enable full control entry and exit of persons from the rooms, facilities or fenced area. You can specify the persons authorized to enter the facilities on a terminal, wich is connected with computer or a card reader and a keyboard. Products protection - Except technical protection of products with technical resources which protect the facility in which products are, protection can also be made with components that are integrated in the products. It is convenient for shops and other facilities that have consumer goods.